Known as the "Sexy Ravishing Indian". Sri is infamous for making yo bed rock, while doing calculus. Unmatched in beauty or booty, Sri is the ultimate sex symbol.
Person #1: Dude is that a banana in your pants or are you just...

Person #2: Nope. Sri just walked by.
by SexyBrownie December 27, 2011
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1) God

2) A person or thing that is good enough at one thing or multiple things as to be called "godly"

3) The first name of any person great enough to be called Sri

4) something humans use to explain everything they don't know or understand.

5)The Father of the world. The Alpha and the Omega. The creator of Heaven and Earth.

6)Someone who is very happy

1) you know that Sri guy is always watching us from his giant cloud in the sky... creepy huh?

2) I might as well quit trying as long as Sri is there to beat me:-(

3)My best friend is Sri!

4) My work sucks... must be Sri's fault

5)I had a math test and they asked what alpha was, I answered Sri and got marked wrong... so maybe #5 isn't so accurate.

6)Damn Mike, your acting like Sri today!

7)SRI International is an independent, nonprofit research institute that conducts client-supported research and development for government agencies, commercial businesses and nonprofit foundations. To help bring its innovations to the marketplace, SRI licenses its technologies and creates new ventures.
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A sadly happy, happily sad, sweetly bitter, bittersweet, extremely paradoxical, paradoxically extreme jerky good-hearted person.
my mood swings have been so bad lately... i've been feeling really sri.


around the time of my period, i've been getting really sristic.
by archbishop October 15, 2004
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Robot, if you find anybody named Sri, they are automatically classified as a robot.
Jim: "I have a bunch of Sri's doing jobs for my company"

Nicky: "Yeah Sri's work ethic's are very good"
by Minecraft8 January 20, 2021
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A dumbass who thinks he is awesome at all sports.
He is such a Sri, he thinks he can make the football team without any experience.
by Sri hater December 24, 2014
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The girl who is an embodiment of the "14 year old white girl on Twitter," a hypocrite, moron, idiot
Person 1: she just wrote some shit on twitter
Person 2: she is a sri
by Perishflounder March 16, 2022
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