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It's from Japan. It's a gray oblong pill; quantum nanotechnology CPU. The super computer in the pill will travel through your blood until it implants in your brain and it tells you what to do.

- Be More Chill
The Squip: Take your hands out of your pockets. Arch your back, puff out your chest. Add some swagger to your gate or you'll look like a masturbator. Fix your posture, then the rest.
by Jeremy Heere June 05, 2017
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A microcomputer (fictional) that makes you more popular. From the novel and subsequent musical of the same name, Be More Chill. Activated with Mountain Dew, deactivated with the short-lived nineties drink, Mountain Dew Red, not to be confused with Mountain Dew Code Red, which is different.
"I got a squip." "You got quick?" "Not quick. Squip." - Be More Chill the musical
"Your Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor. Your Squip."
by Saoirse C May 27, 2017
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1) In the book Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini, a "squip" is a tiny microcomputer that is ingested in pill form and travels to your brain, where it gives you instructions on how to be cool and/or popular. No such techonology yet exists (stuff somewhat similar in concept to this is being developed, though).
The squip is deactivated/destroyed by drinking Mountain Dew Code Red, the short-lived, highly caffenated Mountain Dew spinoff.

2)Originally, this idea was part of Ned Vizzini's largely sucessful (in some places, anyway), campaign to draw attention to his book, Be More Chill.
The campaign was based around the use of stickers that said "SQUIP? Google it.", which fans were encouraged to get for free off of his website and stick wherever they could.
As a result, many people did Google squip, and in the process stumble upon the book.
1) Some people really do wish they could have a squip.
2) "SQUIP? Google it."
by killerfiller February 23, 2006
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a minicomputer in a pill form, that, when digested, talks to you and instructs you on how to be cool
a)the first thing my squip did was get me a girl
b) the squip turns you into a dick, or so "To Be More Chill" claims
by jeremy heere April 15, 2004
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A micro-computer you swallow and it makes you cool.
Buy your squip and be cool.
by John V. May 29, 2004
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A pill in your head that makes you cool.
Yo since I got this squip, I've been more chill
by Jeremy Heere March 31, 2004
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