The plural version of 'quid' which means one pound (British sterling- GBP). Squid is any amount above one pound.
Man: newspaper please
newsagent: that'll be a quid

Girl1: Please can you lend me some money, I really need it to pay back my mum.

Girl2: how much do you need?
Girl1: twenty squid.
by tea_and_crumpets August 31, 2010
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A spandex-covered recreational cyclist. Possibly a cross-over from motor-cyclists.
However, in cyclist terminology, this is a recreational cyclist generally wearing lots of spandex, lycra, or just all-around racing gear as well as a multi-thousand dollar bike. Most often middle-aged. Generally they are happy logging only a few hundred miles per year on said bike. They are generally OVERLY defensive cyclists and chastise younger cyclists who choose more aggressive traffic behaviors to remain safe such as retaining road space in order to not be pushed off the road by motorists.
Wow, this cycling event has so much spandex it's like a squid orgy!
by Jestercard May 20, 2006
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When you go to give someone a high five but instead of hitting their hand you pull away your hand in a squid motion(fingers pressed together and pull away) while yelling the word squid. Used to "punk" your friend.
Maddie: Good job Jeff! (Puts up hand for high five)
Jeff:(Goes to complete the high five)
Maddie:(pulls hand away)SQUID!
Jeff: I hate you.
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The new kid in the group. If you are a tight knit, or relatively close group, and a new person joins, their nickname will immediately become, "Squid". The kid who was the Squid before will now be tremendously relieved, and get to move on with a real nickname that actually describes their personality.
Joe: Hey, guys, this is Robbie, he's new.
Robbie: Hi.
Fred, Bill, Rob: Hey, Squid.
Jeff: YES! I'm not the squid anymore!
Joe: Shut up, Tweaky.
Jeff: Tweaky? Aw, damnit.
by notthesquid December 22, 2006
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A squid is an ugly, sea dwelling creature. But it also descirbes a disgusting, mean, unfaithful, or in any way negative person.
If someone gets in with your girlfriend, steals the last beer, bogarts the joint, steps on your shoe...They are a squid...furthermore you got squided.
by Scorp-ion May 10, 2007
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