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An indoor game played by two or more players with similiar rules to those of soccer. Some significant differences are that it is played indoors and has a cube-shaped poof/foot stool as the "ball", hence its title.

The encumbering nature of the poof/foot stool and surrounds adds a tremendous element of difficulty to an already skillful game. Although the poof/foot stool is often soft, injuries are still incurred.
Tiernan: Urgh! I'm bored. How about a game of Square Ball?

Brendan: What?

Tiernan: Ready...GO!

Brendan: Oh God! My knee!
by whatahw January 07, 2010
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a person who is very proper and not outgoing. they can be viewed as lames or weirdos. they maybe loved by other square ball or even non-square balls. they are very big clout chasers and fiend for popularity
by September 22, 2019
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