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4 definitions by whatahw

An indoor game played by two or more players with similiar rules to those of soccer. Some significant differences are that it is played indoors and has a cube-shaped poof/foot stool as the "ball", hence its title.

The encumbering nature of the poof/foot stool and surrounds adds a tremendous element of difficulty to an already skillful game. Although the poof/foot stool is often soft, injuries are still incurred.
Tiernan: Urgh! I'm bored. How about a game of Square Ball?

Brendan: What?

Tiernan: Ready...GO!

Brendan: Oh God! My knee!
by whatahw January 7, 2010
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A spontaneous pursuit (variant of Knife Party) whereby several assailants suddenly storm a room generating as much noise as possible while an unsuspecting victim is studying academic subjects.

The deafening racket can be produced both vocally or by utilising any improvised instruments available (e.g. saucepan and hammer) with the aim of alarming the studious victim.

Assailing Group: NOISE PARTY!

Brendan: Jesus Christ no!
by whatahw January 7, 2010
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Imaginary calculator, the use of which, is sarcastically suggested by others to highlight a person's incapacity in completing a technical task. A secondary function of the term's use can be to convey the frustration experienced when working with such a person.
Brendan: How do you get the final answer in this problem?

Paul: Just use the Infinity Calculator in Excel.

Brendan: What? Where's that?

Paul: You mean you don't know how to use the Infinity Calculator? FFS!
by whatahw January 2, 2010
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A spontaneous game of cat-and-mouse where the assailant(s) pursues the hunted with a various array of knives usually in a mock Steven Seagal style. The game proceeds until the injury or damage done is regarded by both sides to have "gone too far".

Such a party is usually initiated with a group of participants by shouting "Knife Party" at any seemingly innocuous period of time.

Usually occurs where knives are prevalent (esp. kitchens).
Brendan: "What time are you leaving for college at?"

James: "Knife Party!"

Brendan: "No seriously, stop!"

James: (BRANDISHES MEAT CLEAVER WITH A SKILLFUL FLOURISH) "Ready when you are Brendan. Ready when you are."
by whatahw January 4, 2010
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