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Irish name
From the Gaelic root name "Tiarna"
Meaning 'Little Lord'
Look! There's Tiernan!!!
by wer6t7ygf April 29, 2009
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The most beautiful, loving person you'll ever meet. Tiernan is kind and has a heart of gold that you find very rarely. He's got a fun, bubbly personality and is very successful at making people laugh and smile. He can do almost everything well and he loves making and listening to music, he'll introduce you to the coolest music you'll ever hear. He's smart and extremely intelligent, and is always honest and trustworthy. He'll give you butterflies just by looking into his sparkling eyes and the way he loves you will make you happier than any human in the world. His hair is perfect and so is everything else about him, so it's very hard to not fall in love the minute you see his gorgeous face, just to find out that everything else about him is gorgeous as well. You'll fall harder and harder for him every day and nothing he will say will ever break the way you so deeply love him.
I fall more in love with him every day, he must be a Tiernan.
My god he's gorgeous... must be a Tiernan.

He's more adorable than a kitten, it HAS to be a Tiernan.

gorgeous hot adorable kind amazing perfection
by mlle.miaou May 05, 2016
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The most gorgeous boy you've ever layed eyes on.
He's usually kind and funny, sensitive and amazing guy ever to walk this world.

Every girl wants to date him and every guy wants to be him.
Yeah hes so kind and funny and amazing, Hes just so tiernan
by suckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa November 16, 2010
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1. from Gaelic meaning king or lord
2. a quiet, awkward, but sort of nice kid.
3. a surname
4. a first name
5. Tommy Tiernan- a sort of funny comedian
Hey there goes Tommy Tiernan, let's hope these jokes are funny
by waltrym April 05, 2013
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A large, unattractive, and socially rejected man who stalks younger woman and hates anyone who gets in his way. His only useful feature is as a portable snow machine, allowing him to spread festive cheer at any time of the year. Tiernan's lose their virginity in Japan which they are very proud of, and are usually seen in Sydney to watch the Brisbane Roar, but can also be found at soccer stadiums in Japan or Brisbane. Avoided at all costs. Alyssia is usually the girl of their dreams.
"I saw Tiernan the other day."
"Oh, were you are the Brisbane Roar game?"
"Yeah, it was so boring."
by RoarFan29 September 03, 2016
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