Being spun out is a state of sleep deprived agitated delirium induced by binge administration of methampetamine, prescription ADHD medications, MDPV, synthetic cathinones or other powerful stimulant drugs which is characterized by paranoid behavior such as constantly looking out of windows or blinds, intense fear of being arrested by law enforcement, chronic masterbation and non-stop viewing of highly perverted pornographic material, obsessive cleaning and organizing, pointlessly disassembling and reassembling electronics and computers, hours of carpet surfing for potential pieces of dropped drugs on the floor, pointless-repetitive behaviors and ticks such as picking at one's skin, bizarre Parkinson's like movements, postures and stances that consist of trembling legs, arms and facial muscles, extreme violent and psychotic reactions, thinking that others are talking badly about you or are conspiring against you and jarbled fast paced mumbling when attempting to speak.

A crack head may portray some or all of these symptoms but do not be fooled, the crackhead is a much more vicious creature and thus are considered a category of their own separate from the tweaker species/variety. What's the difference between a tweaker and a crackhead? A tweaker will jack your shit and help you look for it, a crackhead will steal your shit and bounce.
Fred: Dude Rita is so spun out. She's been vacuuming her car for 4 hours .
by Demitrious Octavion September 6, 2016
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a. A state of being; the actual nature of a person who is hearing voices that arent there, seeing shadow people, or thinking your neighbors cat is a narc. The ultimate sketch usually resulting from meth. speed, shard, ice, shit, poop, crystal, windows, glass, krystal, champagne, billy, go fast, deeps

b. The after effectm on your mind after years of hard drug abuse meth
"dude everyone's definition of spun out on here are so fucking weak i just had to put my own"

"that dudes spun out for life"

"dude im not fucking joking bro, he was hiding in the bushes for 5 hours last night spun out of his mind"
by Josh Allen (714 Ca) January 20, 2009
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A state of mind after hours of psychedelic drugs use usually referred to when eating LSD but can also is applied to Psilocybin use.
"I was so spun out by the time bobbie came on"
by S the hippie October 14, 2007
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exhaustion from exertion or extreme partying
By the end of the night I was so spun out I couldn't drive home.
by peep May 2, 2004
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The feeling of 'euphoria' experienced after a 45 minute spinning class.
I was so spun out after class that I couldn't move for an hour
by Tré October 6, 2003
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Someone who gets high on meth and then gets on pof or tinder looking for the next person to get high with. Also so high that you are stuck to your phone for hours looking for the next high.
Me. What you doing?
Joe I am just stuck right now. Lol m spun out robin right now.
by Atxslamdope March 24, 2019
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