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1 The place with the weirdest weather in the world


2 The place with the worst weathermen in the world

Guy 1: "dude i didn't know you could have tornado producing snowstorm"
Guy 2: "welcome to Springfield Missouri, but don't worry, if you don't like the weather wait 15 minutes, it'll change"

Weatherman: "We are predicting approximately 10-15 inches of snow"
Springfield resident the next morning: "i've seen coats of dandruff thicker than this"
by Vegeta9001 February 10, 2010
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Springfield, Missouri is a fairly large and rapidly growing city located in the southwest region of Missouri. Springfield currently has lots of open real estate and is a great place to consider moving if you have a family. Springfield is now the proud team affiliate of the St.Louis Cardinals and recently built the all new John Q.Hammons stadium which now serves as home to the Springfield Cardinals. We will also be adding a Macy's to our mall later this year along with many other stores such as Banana Republic. Probably the largest thing to happen to Springfield is the name change of our college from Southwest Missouri State University to Missouri State University. It is now Missouri's second state college. Springfield's skyline looks nice at sunset and it's tallest building is John Q. Hammons tower. Springfield's attractions include Bass Pro shops outdoor world,wonders of wildlife,Dickerson Park zoo, Fantstic Caverns,Missouri sports hall of fame,Wilson's creek National Battlefield which includes the sweeny museum of civil war history and more. Over the years it has developed a nice downtown and many cool shops and cafes. There are many bars and nightclubs for adult entertainment and kid friendly places too. It is not at all "redneck" and the greater Springfield area has over 250,000 people which makes it a semi-large city and a great place to retire. It is spacious as well as homey.
by Natalie L. May 30, 2006
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1. A bad place where insecure, ignorant people live.

2. Synonym for backward.
3. Clanish and fearful or anyone they don't know.
4. Rejecting of newcomers; inhospitable place.
If you come to Springfield Missouri you will be rejected unless you have enough money to impress the right people. Regardless, you will be the subject of their gossip; there is nothing else to do in Springfield Missouri.
by Marrooned in Springfield November 22, 2011
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