pronounce (spote tay)
A latin american term refering the the female genetalia
Britney showed off her spote getting out of the car.
by SLelyva July 11, 2008
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Short for "spermatazoa". The event of ejaculiting sperm from a man's penis.
Britney continued to suck Kevin's cock.

"Oh fuck!" Kevin shouted,"I'm gonna spote all over your tits bitch!"

Then Kevin removed his cock from Britney's mouth and shot his cum all over her tits.
by Danbridge November 23, 2006
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Slang for "The Sport" or "MarchingSport" Used my Members of
Ay Man, You Been On The Spote Today?

What Are You Doin' On The Net?

Im On The Spote!
by BOOKMAN November 13, 2004
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noun: a severe but well deserved beating, usaully one given to a child by a parent.
Oh you dun messed up now. *removes belt* I'm bout to put some spote on ya ass.
by Priest August 6, 2003
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a really cool way of saying spot on, generally used when wrecked
Carys: Joe! I just found my bottle of malibu
Joe: oh spote owne!
by Snarf_Lives January 18, 2009
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Doing unnecessarily extra dangerous things whilst using vehicles and yelling "STREAM SPOTES!"
by Risking_rain April 1, 2023
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