To treat someone with tolerance and respect when their socio-political status does not warrant it. Also to refrain from verbally abusing when it is expected.
Cadet Morgan has been spooning Cadet Mitchel.
by Margaret January 16, 2004
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To spill or drop - often used in relation to the spilling of marijuana.
Dangerous Dave: The weeds on the table man, don't spoon it.
Scary Sam proceeds to knock the weed all over the floor...
Dangerous Dave: Naaaaaaaaaah man you spooned it....shit....man...fucks sake...
by benthebest June 09, 2007
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Yo spoon... where the hell did ya go? I can't see u in all this snow.
by alex mondal January 03, 2005
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1. Greatest word on the planet, and a good war cry (see The Tick)
2. Nothing is better.
3. My god.
2. You fool! My spoon will beat you!
by Spoon Worshiper (1 of many) January 19, 2004
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An evil person who "stirs" up rumours about you.
Tells you mean stuff other people have said about you behind your back.
A complete bitch.
Spoon: Omg did you hear what she said about you?
You: No what?
Spoon: She says your an incompetent bitch with no social life. She hates you.
You: Oh...tahts nice. Thanks for telling me. You spoon.
by Imogen c May 20, 2006
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Spoons is a game where two or more players can play. You get a spoon and you go into a refrigerator and find something that the opponent you pick must take a spoonful of what ever you find and attempt to eat it.
Lyndsey lets play spoons, you have to take a spoonful of mayonnaise. But i hate mayonnaise Nic to bad i picked it you must eat it. FINE! Then Lyndsey throws up in the sink.
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