same as circle jerk, where last person to ejaculate eats what ever is being jerked off on
hey guys, lets have a spodie tonight, and we can video tape it.

the oval office is designed for playing spodie (when republicans are in office)
by bongmonster April 05, 2006
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I was going to pass gas during my date, but had to go home when it turned out to be a spodie.
by Mr Gribber September 01, 2009
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refers to the mixing of whatever dregs of alcohol desperate drinkers may find in various different bottles.
"Drinking wine spody-ody" means pouring the leftovers from different bottles of wine into one drink.
by Ceresetta February 06, 2009
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An adjective to describe a person, usually male, who is deeply unattractive. The word must be said in a sarcastic tone of voice in order for it to have full effect. However, the word is not an insult.
by Sarah Moffat November 10, 2007
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The act of having sexual intercourse upon a toilet filled to the brim with urine, feces, menses, vomit, cum, and used condoms without getting any of the substances on either individuals body.
I just had the best orgasmic spody, and I didn't get anything on me.
by Jessa Pee May 31, 2009
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