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Splork is a punk rock band from Richmond, Virgina, United States. Formed in 2008 with 4 members (Wendy, Phil, Michael, Phil) their first official release was a Christmas single titled "Eat my Fruitcake".
I got hit in the head with a stuffed animal at a Splork show.
by Phil Splork March 22, 2009
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When browsing the Internet: To accidentally close a browser page you wanted open. Generally meaning you'll have to go back to Google and re-search the term over and figure out which link was the page you wanted. Happens often when you have multiple pages up and inadvertently close the one you wanted. Also applies to accidentally closing documents without saving them.
Hmm, let me close these other pages and go back to the Ferrari wallpaper site. Aw crap, I just splorked myself!
by Stowevtc July 18, 2006
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buy the domain for your pet blog
to ejaculate or an ejaculate
No splorking on others!
Keep your splork to yourself
by Anonymous November 07, 2002
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a spork that swims.
the best sounding word ever. if you concentrate on pronouncing it just so, it feels all crisp and neat-o.
Ya know when everything is feeling all sloppy and garglyga? Say splork, making sure to hit all of the consonants just right. Everything will feel better afterward.
by joyanonymous June 10, 2006
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OMFG PPLSUQBAWLZ OWN J00 N00B. If you look at him again i will have to rip your face off with my splork.
by sythe February 12, 2005
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When you eat to much acid and think a blob is chasing you all the time.
keenan quit being such a splork.
by s4gz June 13, 2003
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Canned cranberry sauce. Splork is an onomatopoeia of the sound this food as it slides out of the can. Proper presentation of this food is to leave it whole, in the shape of the can and lying on its side on the presentation plate. May be garnished with red lettuce.
Damn it Randy! I asked you to plate the splork, but you mashed it up. Now it is just some damn cranberry sauce! Way to ruin Thanksgiving, meathead!
by Hunding July 18, 2011
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