To hit someone in the head and hopefully cause injury.
'He had one helluva split wig'
'You gonna get your wig split'
by Dont-Be-Skurrd June 13, 2004
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1. A persons bleeding face or head after an ass whipping. 2. Someone who just got the shit beat out of them and has visible damage to the cranial region.
1. Damn, that fool just got his wig split. 2. Shut up or I will split your wig!
by Lee Chapman April 14, 2003
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If shit don't change around here, I'm gonna start splitting wigs up in this bitch!!
by Mandye Mayhem August 3, 2017
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To send a projectile, usually from a firearm, at a velocity towards a target's head that results in a fatality.
Bes' not be playin' cauz I'm about to split your wig, bitch.
by Anonymous August 14, 2003
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To kill an enemy, primarily by means of blunt trauma or gunshot wound to the head. Origin: Memphis, TN
Keep f---in aroud, Ima split yo wig, ho.
You gone get yo wig split.
by ntaylor May 1, 2003
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v. To cause someone grievous cranial harm
"Yo that foo be stuntin on dis block...Im'onna grip my steel and SPLIT that homie's wig"
by me April 4, 2004
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To hit someone in the head; To beat someone up very badly.
He came up on me so I split his wig!
by Big Daddy March 13, 2003
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