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To lose all dignity in a vain attempt to conciliate financial debt by temporarily selling one's most valued possessions to good peoples for pennies on the dollar.
"Yeh, I wanna pawn dis ring." (or "Yes good sir, I would like to borrow some money in exchange for my ring.")
by Big Daddy January 29, 2004
Your gag. From the yiddish.
Did you see his shtick? What chutzpah!
by Big Daddy January 27, 2004
1.) being invisible
2.) a ghost

urban legend:

a woman who can turn to the side and disappear
1.) i'm not sure who broke into our house, it's like he was farheen

2.) "hey, did you hear about that new show, casper the friendly farheen?"

urban legend story
one day, a young girl, average weight, slept in her room at night. it has been said farheen turned to the side, and snuck into her room through the window cracks and killed the woman due to weight jealousy.

beware the farheen.
by Big Daddy March 29, 2005
Carney folk, a poor, stupid, useless, idiot.
What do I look like a simeone?
by Big Daddy June 24, 2004
Someone who is punk or is a bitch about shit
syop being a bitch ass trik nd do it.
by Big Daddy March 24, 2005
A word to describe the drunkenness of young adults of the sydney region. A word created by the 'Big Daddy' himself.
"Rez, lets get ickles tonight"

by Big Daddy April 4, 2013