Being or Doing something that will negatively affect a person or group because of feelings of resentment towards them.
Mary was being spiteful when she took the last slice of pizza, She didn’t want her enemy to get any.
by JhonGhotti June 24, 2018
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A negative state of intoxication intended as revenge upon one's own parentals or those of a peer for cruel, unforgivable acts such as, but not limited to, invasion of privacy, life-time banishment, etc. ; antonym to dynamic intoxication.
(v.) "Karisa's mom found the bottle of vodka we hid in her prom dress and she can't leave the house now, so we're all gonna get spiteful in her room later."

"I'm spiteful because Suha banned me from her home and from being her daughter's friend."
by Mandy H August 09, 2005
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