A play on the words spinach and snatched. Used to describe someone who looks good after they've been on a diet.
"I haven't eaten in 3 days to get into this dress!"

"Girl, you look spinached."
by Meagan E December 14, 2018
If you wanna beat up the bully in your school, you gotta eat ur spinach.
I’m strong til the finish, cuz I eats all me spinach.
by iMakeTrashUrbanStuff November 24, 2020
I dream of finding a bag of spinach in the ditch every night.
by Rod Brock July 27, 2006
A pretty delicious food if you know how to cook it properly.
by AYB March 26, 2003
See:marijuana,reefer,pot,ganja,dope,chronic,bud,herb,smoke,grass,indica,dank,green,wacky tobacky,lambs breath,the stuff that killed elvis....
It's me spinach.
I needs me spinach.
by sky May 8, 2003
Codeword for healthy broads. Healthy- As in fit, eating right, easy on the eyes, ya know healthy

Three types of Spinach:

1) Regular ol Spinach aka Spinach- She a looker so holla
2) Baby Spinach (Baby Greens)- F-Freshman, extra spice

3) Use this one Sparingly
3)Certified Organic Spinach- Anything short of a 9 doesnt fall in this category, dimepeices

Courtesy of Mroski and BP
Damn thats some Baby Spinach right thurr
by Mrotorboat and Pumper August 15, 2011
The portion of the labia minora that protrudes beyond the labia majora. Some women have a lot, some none at all. If a big dollop protrudes, the women is said to have "A lot of spinach."
Look at this model! What a mouthful of spinach that would be!
by streaking crimson June 5, 2013