Throat - fucking a girl so she sounds like Popeyes laugh "Ug gug gug gug" before promptly cumming in one eye.
Tina came over after school for some spinaching, and now she has a lazy eye.
by awardlow May 28, 2015
Throat-fucking a girl so she sounds like Popeyes laugh before promptly cumming in one of her eyes.
Brad: "Dude I was totally spinaching my girl last night"
Kevin: "Sick bro!"
Brad: "She was all like "Ug gug gug gug""

*they proceed to high five*
by jesuspunk May 28, 2015
another name for crystal meth cause meth causes your mind to spin out.
Do you have any spinach?, Im searchen for some spinach.
by gackqueen September 6, 2003
A jolly old good time that can be had when you get a great deal on spinach at your local green grocer.
Spinach is on sale for $1.00. Buy ten and have a Spinach Party.
by marahaahaa February 9, 2012
When your finger goes in "three knuckles deep" in a oraface or sphincter. Or a colonoscopy gone wrong.
We had so much tequila last night, she went the full spinach on me.
by Jogney brogden March 18, 2016
luke: wanna scran some special spinach
taylor: yh sure
by fat_neek August 29, 2021