an amazing physedelic group from the late 1960s spacy trippy and amazing
that ultimate spinach song takes me to another world
by sixtysphysedelic January 27, 2009
1. Marijuana, weed, reefer

2. Refers to the green color of marijuana, as well as the enhancement of personality traits in african-americans who smoke, a la Popeye getting stronger.
"Hey man, pass me some of that Nigger Spinach."
by Alistair Sinclair June 8, 2007
When the kids got you stressin out, so you raid your teenager's sock drawer for their whole bag of disco spinach.
by pa-pa-pa-partydaddy January 8, 2018
When you find an Old leaflet in your pocket, It has absoulotely no use and may as well be made out of spinach.
Guy - Hey look at this I found this Leaflet on the Octobus.
Guy #2 - Aww Jeez la Weez quit picking up theese Spinach leaflets.
by The Koaladude September 12, 2005
Reference to a 1949 Three Stooges short called "Malice in the Palace", in which Moe calls a man with a beard a spinach chin.
Thus, calling someone a spinach chin is accusing them of having a beard, and perhaps a scruffy one at that.
Hey spinach chin, why don't you try on those asphalt shoes, look like they fit ya pretty freakin good!
by rtil April 20, 2005
Devil's Lettuce, dawg! The wacky cig. That grass, g. Weed. Marijuana. Cannabis. Need I say more?
"Yo, Matthew. You wanna smoke that. Spirit Spinach?"
Matthew: "Does a bear shit in the woods?"
by Tonerbonr November 29, 2017