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To make up a complete pack of lies, in the hope that others believe you.
Verb. To Spin Shit.
Verb.Spinning Shit
Fuckin cunt "Spin Shit" all the time,gotta wipe his lip the fuckhead or all the dribble run down and stain his shirt.
Fuckin piece of shit druggie "Spin Shit" said it was good gear.
You "Spin Shit " cunt,,,,fuckin druggie.
Politicians "Spin Shit", fucking taxpayers believe it,gobble it up with a spoon.
Fucking politicians "Spinning shit"all the time.

The media "Spins Shit" all the time,and we believe it.NOT.
by GS71 April 04, 2015
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A rarified form of "bullshit" used primarily by professionals, identifiable by its marked intellectual and scientific, legal, financial or similarly technical content presented in a manner designated to obfuscate, mislead, faze or daze.
Dude! Did you hear the CFO spinshit explaining the fourth quarter loss?
by ExWallStreetguy January 24, 2013
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verb : to spin shit

To babble on about something in a conversation.
In which the truth can be a little bent, somewhat.
Gees that blonde girl sure does spin shit. Is there any truth in her conversations whatsoever?
by masterluke December 14, 2006
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