Adjective, describes a person who dresses and look spiffy all the time for no reason, usually dresses in a suit and tie or other nice outfit with a tie like jeans/shirt/vest/tie or khakis/shirt/tie
Matt began to realize his level of spiff when he began to wear a suit and tie every day for no reason. If he wasn't in a suit and tie, he was wearing khakis or really nice jeans and a shirt and tie. Pure spiff.
by Random user May 3, 2017
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A bonus payment for closing a sale or making a deal go through. Unlike commission, spiff is paid out directly in cash, from the manager/owner/whatever to the salesperson, pretty much immediately upon the completion of the sale.
You just sold a $5000 diamond ring? You're gonna get some sweet spiff on that!
by SY August 13, 2003
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Spaceman, yo. Investigates strange planets and has a cool-ass flying saucer and goggles.
by Anthony H, April 1, 2003
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It is another word for swag. Originated from the word "spiffy". Used to describe anything that is cool. Also used in the same context as swag.
Is all about that spiff doe!
Thasss spiff!
by itsbrittanyayee July 13, 2011
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1. Noun- Someone who is conceited or overly confident in an annoying way. Usually refered to males.

2. Noun- Someone who is dressed in a flashy, obnoxious style.
Boys who post shirtless pictures of themselves on facebook are spiffs.
"You are such a spiff," James said when he saw Eric's silver chain.
by pseudonym is a big word... October 17, 2011
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To shoot spunk over someones face.
Man 1. Steve is well a bit gay.
Man 2. Yeah, he loves to be spiffed over
by Steve Cee. July 23, 2006
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When one is afraid to swallow a mouthful of manly juices and spits it out instead of swallowing.
Dave: That girl looks like she could give some good head!

Brayden: Naw bro, she spiffed me last week..
by DaAssClown March 21, 2012
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