Jun 24 Word of the Day
An exclamation made when your friends or family are teasing you to a point where you can't handle it anymore and a hissy fit is in order.

Derived from a YouTube user's famed outburst following Britney's lackluster performance at the 2007 VMA's.
Sarah: 'OMG Susan, I can't believe you are wearing the same skirt as yesterday. Oh, and by the way, EVERYONE knows what you did with Kevin on the weekend. Plus you look a little fat, are you retaining water?'

by Billy Chickenhole September 15, 2007
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Scottish term used meaning "to be sick"
I feel so fuckin ill today, think I'm going to spew
by Pdawgxoxo January 19, 2014
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The Society for the Protection of Elfish Welfare.
"It's not 'spew' it's S.P.E.W.
by Hener76 September 21, 2009
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Society for the Protection of Elfish Welfare.
And it's not "spew," it's S.P.E.W!
by Hermione Granger July 21, 2003
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To emit partially digested food from the mouth, often in projectile fashion
I think IĀ“m going to spew!
Wow, did she just spew on her dinner?
by Katy! July 20, 2002
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