To emit partially digested food from the mouth, often in projectile fashion
I think I´m going to spew!
Wow, did she just spew on her dinner?
by Katy! July 20, 2002
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A style of expermental music with few particular norms: tends to have electronic rock tracks as a background, often simulating instruments such as the organ, and almost always featuring a synthesizer. In Spew music, the drum track and two others tend to pop in and out of the song seemingly randomly throughout it, some of them often being raised or lowered in pitch and/or tempo. Vocal tracks can differ, generally there are a capella moments of singing and/or harmonizing, but some Spew tracks can include excerpts from classic songs, talking, ranting, and singing in styles reminiscent of rock, jazz, blues or alternative music, although most commonly metal-style vocals. Spew is huge around the Northern United States and throughout most of Canada. Notable bands and artists who have recorded Spew tracks inclde The Greg Kihn Band, Bryan Adams, Stephen Stills, Clean Sadness, Dokken, Badfinger, Beck, Dan Fogel, Penangle, Edward the Great, Stairway, Karl Rover, Eric Brynaert, Fall Out Boy, Trivium, Blondie, Che Hines, Wilful Bliis, No Further Questions, Bonerama and Louis Armstrong. Stills, Sadness, Fogel, Pentangle, Che Hines and Bonerama have actually devoted entire albums to the genre.
Hey, have you heard the new Spew track by Clean Sadness? It's wicked!
by dr. timebomb December 01, 2007
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