Residual semi-liquefied fecal matter that clings to your palm after you zipped your hand through your butt-crack to check on the cleanliness of your undergarments after letting a fart of doubtful contents rip. The consistency of the fecal matter is key in whether or not the label "Spert" is justified. For instance, if the poop is too hard of substance, then the resulting goo on your hand is not "Spert" but just a shit stain.

Etymologically, the second part of the word derives from the Dutch word for pea-soup "Snert". This thick soup typically has the same consistency (and taste, one might say) as diarrhea. The first letter of the word comes from the word "Spurt", as this is generally the way in which the fecal matter is deposited in the undergarments.

NB: the word "Spert" should not be used to define diarrhea in general, or even for diarrhea that sticks to the hand for any other reason than it clinging there on account of a person having checked if he/she soiled his/her pants by zipping a hand through the butt-crack.
Person 1: Oh my, I think I may have pooped my pants accidentally.
Person 2: Are you actually reaching down your shorts to check it? That’s gross!
Person 1: <Reveals hand covered in diarrhea> No, it is Spert!
by Silvion Night December 09, 2012
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Snerdette: Who shot first, Han or Greedo?
Snerd: You tell me. You're the Star Wars spert.
by Snerd August 11, 2006
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The combination of Fecial Matter and the ejacutlarion, also known as Sperm, once released from the anal canal during coitus.
Molly pushed out a big Spert after Scott blew his load inside her.
by Bagg88 November 15, 2015
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someone who's whole life is consumed with sports. The nerd of sports. Almost as weird and strange as a nerd. If you're a nerd by being obsessed with video games why can't you be a spert by being obsessed with sports?
John: dude i played football for like 7 hours last night and i have 5 games this week and my muscles kill

Joe: John you're such a fucking spert. You're obsessed with sports!
by Josh B123 June 10, 2010
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A knowledgeable chef who knows how to cook eggs multiple ways.

A food expert who knows all the facts and details about eggs.
an egg-spert who knows what tastes great with eggs (ex. sauces, meat to mix in, fruit, etc. )
by PP_D October 24, 2011
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One who is an expert on the practice and etiquette of smoking Marijuana.
To smoke marijuana occasionally makes you a stoner, but to become a real Pot-spert, you must smoke it daily and religiously. A ritual that is accompanied by it's own customs and cultural practices.
by Marie Hernandez November 10, 2005
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