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A penis, especially a small or disgusting one. Used to describe a person, similar to dick. However, whereas dick is used to describe a rude or unpleasant person, a speg is a particularly gross or unlikeable person. A speg is clumsy, worthless, slow, ugly, or out of touch.
Chatroulette is full of dudes who think waving their speg around in front of the camera will get girls to show them their tits.

This team is a pack of spegs, no wonder we aren't winning.

Who let that speg in here?
by Skrookum July 21, 2015
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to hit or be hit by an object
"man i got spegged in the face with that rock dude!!!!"
by john amenta April 13, 2004
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An English term, specifically deriving from Oxford-shire. "Speg" is a slang term used to describe a Hariboegg, and the Inhalation of said egg.
Example 1: Thats a fucked up speg mate, save it.
Example 2: Speg it right up!
by The South English Dictionary February 23, 2015
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A made-up kind of hyperactive drug that makes people go crazy, especially during lunch time around a group of friends.
1. Lindsay was apalled by Hanna's behavior at lunch, but later found out that it was from her use of speg.

2. Lauren gave Hanna the bag of speg for a low price of $100.

3. Sarah tried counseling Lauren and Hanna to get them off their addiction to speg.
by Lauren and Hanna May 30, 2007
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Spegging is the act of mass consumption of slabs to the point of absolute stupificatuon through intoxication. One may speg ones head or speg thine head completely off sideways.
Wayne and Craig shelved a whole fucken slab in 54 minutes then proceeded to speg their heads off at the skiffy before pissing off the deck and getting barred for life. Reeeeeeeeee
by Speggeroy March 01, 2018
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