A mixture of a dork , a loser , a knucklehead , a nerd , a ditz , a weirdo , a klutz , a geek , a free spirit, and LOTS of hyperness. Spazzes are often aware of their condition,and are proud of it. See:
*I do something...anything"
My bff: You are such a spazz.
Me: And proud of it! *Sprawls *
by __Amaya Sakaruta__ June 30, 2010
Spazz is an alternate, and less commonly used way of saying ejaculating
by spazzmeister March 21, 2011
Ali Delaune spazzed on me when I flicked her.
by BPrat April 19, 2007
Often somebody with a dysfuntonal part of their body. If they are dyspraxic a.k.a clumsy chld syndrome they will often be laazy and randomly make up excuses to skip physical activities, they will also appear as a tomato after an sports.
"Rory** Irving is a complete spazz"
by bashley July 4, 2005
A quick jab to the side of a body (betwen the bottom of the rib cage and the hip) which will cause some people to have a sudden reaction. Such as a scream, jerk, jump, ect.
Some people do not have any reaction to spazzing
Person 1: *spazzes Joe*
Joe: *Jumps and screams*
Person 1: I guess Joe spazzes
by StagPatronus May 16, 2013
stop one's actions as if disturbed by something unexpected and being surprised
why did u like spazz out when you were going around that turn?
by jenny-jenn-jenn May 30, 2006