noun. A spazmatron (spaz- maa- tron) is a person who is so unbeilvably retarded there is no word for them
Girl runs into a metal door
"what a fucking spazmatron"
by mr. moore October 14, 2007
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One who farts in a bathtub, and then proceeds to eat the bubbles.
That spazmatron has been in the bathroom for 40 minutes. He must have had beans tonight.
by Nodnarb Eht April 24, 2006
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not to be mistaken for using offensively, is not offensive.
Just mildly; is an often laughed at insult as it is so stupid. Used to define someone who is acting weird, one of your friends. A freak with a matron added on the end.
You're such a spazmatron!
by lydia July 13, 2004
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A person who is so stupid there is no word for them and they look like a robot
my sister is a spazmatronical she runs in front of trains with shoe laces over her eyes
by i am so cool and you are not December 20, 2013
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