Effervescent posh beverage artificially charged with carbon dioxide. Only drank by tories.
Morgan: ‘Oh Theresa, pass one a glass of sparkling water please’

Theresa: ‘Only if you plan on throwing it over the peasants
by Peasant01 May 29, 2018
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Electrified water. Often found when people dig where they shouldn't.
Well I sent three guys down there and they all passed out. Turns out it was Sparkling Water.
by Oogabooga64 January 26, 2022
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Describes a person who looks confident and knowledgable about something but he/she is not actually that great. So we say they are sparkling, but they are weak as liquid (water).
Isaac: OMG, Kimmy looks like he is so good at data science.

Bob: He is sparkling water.
by Jacktor April 20, 2019
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Person 1 - I’ll have some sparkling water

Person 2 - why? It’s tastes like pins and needles
by BestCC October 24, 2019
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1: soda without any flavor, the worst kind of water.

2: masochist water
"hey, did you hear that Jim's favorite drink is sparkling water? That son of a bitch must be crazy, or a masochist."
by BigHiggins69 October 12, 2020
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