The tingling feeling you get inside when you feel as if you've either fallen in love with something or when something has saddened you, deeply.
I sparkle when you whisper in my ear and say I Love You
by Seize Oner July 17, 2012
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Hey, look at that beautiful unicorn.

Is it alone?
No, it looks like there is a whole sparkle of them.
by goodatwords February 20, 2020
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Sparkle is the term used when wanting a vapor / E-cig product passed to you... as in the Pass Word for the vape is sparkle. When hearing the password you get one honorary hit and then you must pass the vape.
Hey bro I haven't hit the douche flute in a minute... sparkle.
by YoFuckDora August 1, 2018
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When a person has a crush on someone who isn’t usually their type. They don’t know exactly why they have a crush on them they just do. When this happens it means that the person they have a crush on has sparkle.
Person One: Why do you like him? You never date guys like that?

Person Two: I don’t know he just has sparkle for me.
by Dove556 April 27, 2020
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An old fart who continuously complains about everything.
He is Mr Sparkle, the R5 of UCS.
by RobinНood November 18, 2019
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the name of a very sweet and beautiful girl. She may start off quiet and need an "observing" period before her true personality comes out. A great pertner in relationships, very loving and loyal, great kisser, and she will always be there for you. She's an amazing friend who always offers great advice. She just might need to follow her own sometimes. Shes very funny and goofy, always geeting into trouble.

EP/SW 11.06.09
"Sparkles so sweet!"

"wow what did sparkle do now?"
by agjhaugen November 21, 2012
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Adjetive: The qualities of a person that are not their own which they attained through wealth or from a personal status. (Ie. clothing, jewlry, vehicles, makeovers, amenities, inheritance, family reputation and wealth).
Verb: Sparlin'; the effect of showing off 'sparkle' qualities to others.

Opposite of: Shine; shinin'
Wow that Paris Hilton sure is glamorous...

Yeah but you know it's all just sparkle and not shine right?
by Muttemor September 30, 2014
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