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A filler word used repeatedly by individuals, like the words 'like' and 'stuff' or various curse words. Often times the speaker has no idea they are saying it until you bring it up. It is also a sign that the speaker isn't actively speaking and probably talking from the top of their head. This often makes them seem 'awkward' or 'unintelligent'. Ironically, often times these individuals are the smartest people we know...
Jacob: Basically, I grew up in California, and basically liked to eat Mexican food. Which basically tasted good; if you like that stuff, basically."

Jason: You know you use the word 'basically' a lot right?

Jacob: Do I sorry...
by Muttemor September 28, 2014

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Burhemoth (Burr-hee-mawth)
Conjuction for: Behemoth Burrito; also spelt burrhemoth for emphasis.

A burhemoth is the result when you order a regular menu item but ad to or double the items already inside of it and the taco shop guy is forced to use a second (or more) tortilla/s to accomplish the task of rolling it. Generally the resulting outcome is a 5 to 10lb burrito the size of a newborn baby or a 'behemoth' burrito.

Making one is easy l, but eating it is another story... but needless to say if you like the taco shop you bought it at... it will be epically delicious.
Me: I want a California Burrito with extra beans-
Barrista: It doesn't come with beans, do you want to ad beans?
Me: yes, ad beans and I want extra sour cream and guac as well and make sure they ad extra beans to that... and American Guac not Mexican.
Barista: Ok...

15 minutes later

Barista: <laughs>

Me: what?
Barista: oh nothing, that's just a huge burrito.
Me: I know right, it's a burhemoth.
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by Muttemor October 29, 2017

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1) The fear and/or irrational bias/hostility towards the idea of biggotry based on stereotypical troupes which may or may not actually be true.

2) An overemphasized dislike of bigotry, which irrationally motivates ones' own personal opinions and/or actions.

3) Utilization of anti-bigotry out of context to motivate a counter culture against those who may not have or share similarly alligned oppinions. These oppinions may or may not actually be biggoted.

4) Using the ideas of anti-bigotry and stereotypes to motivate people against others in society who are accused of such bigotry and stereotypical behavior.

5) (irrational, intentional or unintentional)Bigotry towards other forms of bigotry.
Jack claims that most (group based on race, religion, gender, age, political stance, and/or sexual orientation) people are (bigoted term/troupe) yesterday, however a majority are not. I think he might have stereophobia.

Margret says that she thinks everyone who doesn't support her views must be a bigot towards them, I think she has stereophobia.

Bob is using stereophobia to make people think there is more bigotry in this country than there actually is.
by Muttemor October 18, 2018

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An IFag (IFaggot) is generally anyone who uses only one brand of technology exclusively (i.e. Macintosh, Samsung, HP, Toshiba, ect.); they will generally argue their defense as being their brand is 'better' with no actual factual proof other than slogans or information obtained 'second-hand' from their fellow IFags. This shouldn't be confused with 'ICurious' users who will 'try' new brands or switch between two or more brands in order to see what they find it 'better' at the time. However, this title can be related to exclusive gamers (i.e. XBOX, PS or Nintendo), with other references such as 'gear queer' or 'techno whore'. Generally, these parties on all sides should also be avoided when making choices based on technology for personal use as most of their opinions on the matter are biased and misguided which may make others into IFag or ICurious converts.
Mark: Gee, I sure 'love' my Mac; it's soo much better than 'PC' brands <Bleh>!

Bill: really.... <rolls eyes>
Mark: What Mac is awesome and it is better cause you don't gotta' replace it every two years like

with PC's...

Bill: Dude, your such an IFag...
Mark: Whatever, you're just hatin' cause you don't got a make!
Bill: <laughs> IFaggot!
by Muttemor November 29, 2014

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Phrase used by someone in order to accept even the most 'unacceptable' situation that would normally be a load of horse shit. Only because they know they have to.
Tom: Man why do we have to pay taxes for people who don't even work?

Bob: Hey man, it is what it is.
by Muttemor September 30, 2014

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1) Someone who can't accept another's success, and will excessively complain about it.

2) A derogatory slur used by homosexuals (usually flamboyant ones) and their supporters to describe a 'gay bigot/gay-basher' or anyone who doesn't support their cause; ironically makes the user a bigot.

3) Another word for a 'bigot'.
1) Tom is such a hater cause he can't get over Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize; even though he didn't deserve it.

2) Perez Hilton about Ms. California: "I can't believe that B*tch, she is such a 'Hater', I just hate haters."

3) Chuck: Bro you see Christian over there protesting gay marriage?

Larry: He's such a hater.
by Muttemor September 28, 2014

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Adjetive: The qualities of a person that are not their own which they attained through wealth or from a personal status. (Ie. clothing, jewlry, vehicles, makeovers, amenities, inheritance, family reputation and wealth).
Verb: Sparlin'; the effect of showing off 'sparkle' qualities to others.

Opposite of: Shine; shinin'
Wow that Paris Hilton sure is glamorous...

Yeah but you know it's all just sparkle and not shine right?
by Muttemor September 30, 2014

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