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Area of north-eastern Basque Country, Spain and south-west Aquitaine, France.
Where the Spench live.
Area of exquistite beauty and awesome parties.
Where was your favorite place in Spain? Spance.
What was your favorite weekend in Spain?
Pokis house, in Spance
What are you doing? Chillin in Spance with some Spench boys...
by SeaLaNouba July 10, 2008
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to inject your penis into ones bellybutton
i dont know why he spanced me, my bellybutton is a lot higher than my vagina.
by tiskocator May 07, 2011
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The Spam Dance. When when 2 or more people spam anything continually, but within the limits of a particular web-site's rules.
I do not like this.
>I don't like it either.
Why don't you like it?
>Bites ass.
I agree.
And now, you have witnessed spance.
by Spancer March 26, 2008
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