7 definitions by ItsJoBoi

A small white kid who likes to make jokes about black people. He is mediocre at fortnite and will tell you about how his dick is larger then yours, despite not being black. Robokoopa’s sound like they live in Alabama, so they’ve most likely had intercourse with their sister before. If you meet a Robokoopa, say the N-Word in front of him and watch him go.
Robokoopa: Dude, have you seen my condom?
Me: Nigga you tryin to fuck your sister again?
by ItsJoBoi March 18, 2019
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An artist, as well as a good friend and homie who really likes french fries. He mains low tier characters in Super Smash Bros and has never experienced sexual intercourse in his entire life. A Jasson is a special species of names that begin with J, as their name has to S’s rather than one. They can easily get their hands on an N-Word Pass without any issue whatsoever. If you ever meet a Jasson, tell him show you some hentai and he will gladly pull out his art book and show you some quality shit.
Me: Yo! Jasson! Can you show me some of that hentai you just drew?
Jasson: No problem nigga
by ItsJoBoi March 18, 2019
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When you’re sick and your nose is for the most part runny and wet during the day and stuffed like hell at night
My nose was so fucking stunffy yesterday it made me want to die
by ItsJoBoi April 05, 2019
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John: Dude, you’re so brown. Are you like Mexican?

Hispanic Person: No bro I’m a Spanc.
by ItsJoBoi January 26, 2020
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The act of being a faggot who tries to convince people you are a good dude when in actuality you are a fucking bitch who lies and pretends to be sad so others can like you because they don’t as a result of your bitchiness and toxicity
That Jay dude had so much faggocity in his words I was almost convinced I was talking to a good person
by ItsJoBoi March 17, 2019
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When someone has an opinion on something, but it’s wrong because of its obscurity, lack of sense, and genuinely morally and ethically incorrect.
Rwby is such a great show!
I’m sorry friend, but that’s just a Wrong Opinion
by ItsJoBoi August 04, 2019
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yearly is such a bad username dude literally why would you name yourself yearly
by ItsJoBoi April 19, 2021
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