The next level of Spam. When there is too much spam in a chat its "spamp".
So much Spamp!
by Redu September 09, 2018
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The combination of a Champ and someone being Special (retarded)
by Jerome_2007 October 04, 2010
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A VOEZ acronym used to describe the maximum theoretical score on a given chart.

It stands for Special (Difficulty) All Max Perfect.
Player 1: “I achieved a SPAMP on Freedom Dive!”

Player 2: GG
by Arcaea Player November 06, 2020
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Sex Party At My Place!

Can also be changed e.g. to SPAHP (Sex Party At Her/His Place!)
Jeez, you should have told me you were planning a SPAMP!!!

Dude, are you SPAMPing?!?!

Did you SPAMP last night?!
by cawarra August 27, 2010
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Repeatedly being pinged or tagged on platforms such as Twitter or Discord in a spammy manner.
My dude, can you please stop spamping me?

Gonna spamping this guy!
by DoktorDinkel March 10, 2021
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Like "whack", "raw", or "da bomb", but 30 times cooler.
Man, that shit is SPAMP!

That girl is so spamp. She is outta my league.
by Amelia Jorgensen September 13, 2008
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When some one on a video game is both spamming and camping
Oh my this guy is spamping. verb spam-ping
by Bungeneral November 28, 2019
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