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Name of a famous RTCW player.

Found by Spaj himself. The pwnerer of the RTCW scene. Widely ph33r3ed and highly appreciated.
Aplaxx got lugered by Spaj.

Kaos got completely outwitted and knifed by Spaj.
by Fan April 11, 2005
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The word 'Spaj' dates back to the years of 2011/2012. Historically, a 'Spaj' was quite frankly unheard of. In fact, to date, there is only one being of this kind. Prior to the Spaj's entry to life, there was a limited need to deliberately confuse people about where their car is parked or the act of tricking people into nodding and agreeing to something that IS NOT TRUE. Not only this, more importantly, some had never even experienced the extent of kind hearted/selfless gestures as they did when the Spaj made an appearance to life. This extraordinary phenomenon (the Spaj) is said to be almost as rare as a trapped gremlin in a car glovebox! Apparently, if you happen to have both of these in your life (Spaj & gremlin in a glovebox) you are considered to be truly blessed. (Even if bentline behaviour is constantly displayed openly by the Spaj 24/7 365 days a year.) If you ever come across the Spaj- it is your duty to not only make them aware that they are AMZ but also that they are truly valued, loved, respected and highly regarded in all respects.

This is the true meaning of a Spaj.

'He just won't admit to liking circles'

'Really? What a Spaj!'
by The Ode dot October 27, 2013
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A syston Leicestershire slang for jizz, spaff or ejaculate. 1st known usage by a local caller de-clan
Hey de-clan how was your date last night?

Was quality mate a spaj'd on her fun bags
by De-clan January 18, 2017
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A gang word often used to describe those who perform an abnormal action.
It is unclear as to where the word had originated from, however theologists theorise that it came from a province of Great Britain, more so in Western borough's of Greater London. The language of Spajish, members of the cult are referred to as Spajals and eat Spajjeti.

The word is made up of two words.
Spas + ?? = Spaj
remember that girl on webcam yesterday?

-yeah what happened with her eh?

well she wasn't waving me bye .. i-ii-i think .. i think she was waving her fart away

-JOMG you serious?!


-what a spaj!

hey wasnt it your sister (?) :S

-wtf :|
by uploading_guy September 12, 2009
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