Term for someone who makes a liviing as an asternaut exploring the remote world inside their head. Poor communication equipment means transmissions from Earth sometimes arn't recieved.
Houston, we have encountered a strange alien life form calling itself a brain, could be dangerous. We shall prepare to exterminate it. This is space case, over and out.
by Planetvideogame May 31, 2007
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The Space Case is a herb grinder made to highest quality and standards. It is a 3 compartment grinder which is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum.

Top Compartment consists of sharp metal pins. The lid is held on by a surprisingly strong magnet. There are holes drilled in between the cutting pins to allow the ground herb to fall through to the second compartment. Because of this, the herb keeps a consistency necessary for good rolled joints.

The second compartment has a fine micron screen mounted to the bottom of it. This screen allows the THC from the ground herb to fall into the third compartment. If you shake the grinder around while the herb is still in this compartment, more THC will gather in the third compartment.

The third compartment is a thin tray. The first time you open the Space Case, there is a tiny triangle piece of plastic which is used to gather any fallen THC on this tray. It takes a few grams of high quality herb to build up a small amount of THC in this compartment.
Hey Pass me the Space Case, its time to twist one up.
by Unibonger March 21, 2007
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Space Cases is a science fiction television series that aired on Nickelodeon for two seasons. Its premise revolves around a group of misfit students and two adults who get themselves stuck within a strange alien ship that undergoes accidental deep space travel, stranding them in a region of space far from home. Their attempts at journeying back sees many dangerous adventures and controversies, with some occasionally more mature themes.
Did you guys watch "Space Cases" last night on Snick?
by Footrockstar October 14, 2007
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some one thought to have his brains floating some where in space due to an explosion of brain farts through his mouth cannon, produced by the intake of meth
do you call this anything but a space case??
by madam_dilbert August 22, 2010
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When you return a borrowed or rented dvd, except you left the actual disc in your player by accident and only gave back the case.

Hey man, you space cased disc 3 of the boxed set I loaned you last week.
by m.elms June 25, 2006
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A container that can hold lots of stuff.
That's some space case you made out of the bottom drawer there.
by Ereck Flowers November 14, 2018
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