Snick is the ship name of the tv actress and tiktok star, Symonne Harrison and Nick Bencivengo. Who have official announced they are crushes in May.
Omg snick are the cutest, i ship them so hard ahhh. so happy they are finally crushes!
by symonneyyharrison June 17, 2021
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Someone called nick who is constantly going sick at work
Where’s nick today? He’s gone snick
by Yipyap June 14, 2019
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A purple porcupine that hosts his own expo (Snick Amateur Gaming Expo) in Pizza Tower.
Snick! It's him!
by OoftheDoof! January 2, 2020
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The word "Snick" is onomatopoetic for the sound a quick stroke of a razor makes. Its definition is;

a small portion, or
to take or remove something, or
to do something in a sneaky fashion.
"I'd like just a snick of mustard with my eggs please"
"I totally snicked the tips jar off the deli counter"
"I snicked past the guard when he was distracted"
by Max Scroats November 22, 2011
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A portion size that is smaller than a snack.
I'm a bit peckish. I could sure do with a snick.
by Clifton77 May 11, 2016
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When you take a sip of an alcoholic drink so strong it makes you make a face and twitch.
This drink is snickin.

This drink gave me a snick.
by SnickinsTrickins October 27, 2011
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A name for a cute dog, another tag for a white poodle
by FlyingSnick May 27, 2021
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