A variety of people. Southern California is known for its traffic, gangs, beautiful women, celebrities, and Hispanics are the majority. Also known for the best weather.
Gangster ass Southern California.
by everynamebeingusedbysomeonelse November 26, 2011
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The most spoiled place on Earth home to stuck up bitches who are obsessed with money and spend ninety percent of their life getting their pussies sucked by rich single boys and men and also contains the legit affluent coastal areas such as Malibu, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Pacific Palisades, and Palos Verdes (the place where I'm from). Yeah, the coastal areas in Southern California don't have water as clear as Hawaii but we have beautiful coves and real serenity. Not just that but we have the colleges with the hottest bitches on Earth and most importantly we have Hollywood!!!
Guy: Wassup sexy lady! Where you from?
Girl: I'm from Southern California.
Guy: Ohhh yeah bitch!!!! Lets go have sex in your mansion!!
Girl: Whoa!!!! How much money you got in your account??
by AdomC June 10, 2015
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This one is the one that is worse than Northern California.
Person 1: I live in Southern California

Person 2: That one isn't that good as the one we were just talking about
by GalacticTacoz August 4, 2018
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The one place in the world where it never rains. (According to Toni Tone Tony)
Now it may be cold on the east coast, but on the other side of town, it never raaaaaaaains. Southern California.
by L33B0Y October 5, 2007
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Someone who is very relaxed, not involved in drama, good at what he does but not too cocky about it.
Tron-He's dumb nice at baseball, but he is mad cool
Eric- It's his Southern California Swagger.
by CRAZYLEGS#23 May 13, 2009
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An elite, private research university which boasts some of the best programs in the country, including the prestigious School of Cinematic Arts and School of Letters, Arts and Sciences. USC has top-20 programs in film, engineering, english, and law. Overall, USC ranks just below rival UCLA, however that is projected to change by 2012, and USC has been climbing the national ranks since being named Time "School of the Year" in 2000.

2009-2010 admissions to the university are extremely tough (23% acceptance rate versus UCLA's 21% acceptance rate).

USC boasts incredible sports teams, including football, where they have won the Rose Bowl three times since 2000 and a national championship in 2004. USC also has 12 national baseball championships.

USC is extremely expensive, but has a higher salary rate after graduation than UCLA. USC is also a better choice for entertainment industry jobs, as USC students have higher field interview records than UCLA students. USC believes in a "Trojan Family" alumni network which give students a much needed advantage to find work in Los Angeles after graduation.
"University of Southern California, home of the Trojans"
by Adroa34 August 11, 2009
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the greatest place on earth. spend on your money to get drunk, eat crappy cafeteria food, and do a shit load of work. The place where matt leinart and reggie bush run the school. yeah..you all wish you were trojans!
when at a partay, you can dance on a pole, freek-a-leek in a cage, or hump some basketball star's backside....fuck yeah
by hoodrat November 3, 2004
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