Also see Lemon Tits and Vinegar Tits

Shrivelled tits in need of a foot pump

Tits like an empty sock
by VeryVisionary July 6, 2023
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The accumiliation of sweat and odor due to lack of ventilation in the groinal region.
The truck driver attained sour balls after sitting in his vehicle for 6 hours straight.
by RollingLikeABigShot September 9, 2009
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The month in the Hindu calendar when you can't drink alcohol. It makes your month very sour, so they call it sour mayno
Na Nemo, I can't drink because I'm doing sour mayno.
by Ragra Petis July 24, 2016
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A fowl smelling erection, a wang that may have not seen soap and water for several days.
"Susie gave me head after five days of hiking and camping, gagged her with a Sour Boner"
by Super destroyer fuck machine August 13, 2011
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someone caught in the act of stealing who refuses to admit their crime, even after overwhelming evidence has been brought forward against them.
"Hey can you send me that project file?"
"You aren't gonna pull a sour warhead on me are you?"
"Nah, I ain't that stupid."
by themintyaltoid November 16, 2018
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When you are required to be off your phone and physically present, typically against your will.
"I can't be on my phone, my parents are making me hang sour tonight."
by John Creasy June 25, 2023
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"Hey, stay clear of Raymond, he's in a sour mood right now."
"What happened?"
"He and his girlfriend got into a huge fight yesterday."
by The Stuff Of Your Nightmares September 17, 2015
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