Gorgeous cherry like nipples residing on awful empty deflated boobs

Bitter sweet

Perfect nipples shame about the tits
by VeryVisionary July 7, 2023
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The nasty little debris that populate a filthy vagina.
Hey bro, you've got a sour scab stuck in your curly mustache.
by Ranchgirls December 11, 2020
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when a curious young buck squeezes the sweet sweet juices of a lemon around the circumference of his partners anus to create a sour, yet tasteful rim job while performing a steardy reach around upon his partner to obtain the creme topping for a lemon marang pie.
Hey Timmy, were all out of creme, go give your brother a holland sour before dinner.
by smelly April 25, 2005
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In an old fable by Aesop, a hungry fox noticed a bunch of juicy grapes hanging from a vine. After several failed attempts to reach the grapes, the fox gave up and insisted that he didn't want them anyway because they were probably sour.

Nowadays when somebody expresses sour grapes, it means that they put down something simply because they can't have it.

The phrase is often used incorrectly as another way to express bitterness or resentment.
"Winning a million dollars would just be a big hassle anyway."
by Deej October 13, 2004
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The slimy residue after a vagina has been eaten and allowed to ferment in a sauce of vaginal secretion, cum, saliva, snot, and any other substance she may have overnight.
OMG! Girl you must have had that pussy destroyed last night! I think you need to wash off that Soured Nooder!! You smell like vinegar and fish!!
by Sick MikeyG November 19, 2020
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