similar to "Sweet"
hot, tasty, good, excellent, fine
She was so sweet she was sour!
by el jefe October 01, 2003
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Someone who always believes they are correct but never are. One who always manages to fall off platforms at any moment it suits them.
Man sours fell off again?

He's just never right is he...
by An0n0m July 09, 2018
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The word SOUR is being used for roasting. It's when someone stumbles or is frozen since when your sour you pucker and it's hard to speak. It's a action done and you say it cause someone is having a hard time saying or coming up with something good to say ,or the person says something and comes short and it's bad. When this happens you scream "YOUR SOUR YOUR SOUR YOUR SOUR HOW'S THOSE LEMONS". and that's it.
"Your mad "SOUR" quit and say something" "Your wack af like tf what is that your lemon is out." "SOUR SOUR SOUR SOUR"

just anything with the word SOUR all caps in it! word by YoungTrap085 <youtube
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Person 1: "omg his cum was so sour"
by Doeth September 06, 2020
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When something ain’t going right; or something bad happened
Tyshawn got shot yesterday shit getting sour out here
by MarkWeezy011 December 07, 2017
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