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a popular refreshment with crushed ice and fruit juice and made notorious when combined with a green, sour liquid. usually found in a squirt bottle beside the machine.

This is the scale from 0-100% used to determine the intensity of the sour as regarded to what percentage of the drink is sour liquid.

0% - you friggin junior. you gotta put some sour in or your nothing but a JR.

10% - a good stepping stone for the first time consumer.

20% - a decent amount but still not quite enough to advance upward from the level of junior to amateur.

30% - Now, you're starting to gain respect from your peers as you are now on the level of amateur.

40% - This is where things start to get dangerous. At this point, nearly the bottom fifth of the cup will be black.

50% - i.e. the midway point on the highway to hell.

60% - From this point on, keep a phone nearby as symptoms will start to appear. At this level, you will notice twitching and shaking.

70% - Now you are at the level of seasoned veteran. symptoms here include slight diziness, combined with the previous symptoms.

80% - At this level, this turns from a game to an exteme sport with serious consequences. Sypmtoms include sense of delusion and you will see green spots everywhere. Also may include temporary loss of vision.

90% - Symptoms here include all of the previous include all of the previous and vomitting and loss of consciousness.

100% - At this point, it is no longer a sour slushie, it is pure sour. symptoms here will include immediate death and outside of body experiences.
I was drink a 40% sour slushie from Need's when i noticed i needed to suck out all of the sour and spit it out cause i just couldn't handle this shit.
by v2lazer April 12, 2005

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