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She is someone everyone wants to be friends with. She is funny, charming and you can talk to her about your deepest darkest secrets with the guarantee that she'll keep it safe forever. Supremely reliable and extremely attractive.
Everyone needs to have a Soumya in their life.
by crazy4eva December 26, 2012
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A name of a wonderful person. Know for their knowledge and great ideas. Wouldn't lead a conversation towards awkwardness. Always has something to share. You wouldn't want to hurt this person as they are very sensitive and it will be upsetting to see their eyes filled with tears.
Soumya is a wonderful person
by February 22, 2015
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someone with diva-like qualities. hilarious, sexyy, classy and outrageously fabulous. bitches hate & imitate! that chick u wanna bring HOME. maaaavelous and one fine piece of ass!!
I'm cop me a wifey type and put a ring on that soumya!!
by who8mycurry December 12, 2009
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A hottie, charismatic and charming. She's the girl ever guy wants to date, but she doesn't go for the hotshots.
Did you see that Soumya in the hall?
Oh yeah, mmm I want her.
by chicachicachicaBOOM June 02, 2009
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an optimistic and charismatic guy who always makes everyone laugh and is one of the best friends a person can ask for
Person 1: What's going on?
Person 2: Nothing, I'm just a little down. I need a soumya.
by TireTracks April 05, 2010
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