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A baby sasquatch. Very rare but can be seen in the new york area in early spring. As a souch matures and becomes an adult sasquatch it finds it way deeper into the woods and farther and farther away from humans.
Person 1: OMG I just saw a souch running wild outside!!

Person 2: Call the police asap, it is unsafe for a souch to come in contact with humans.

Police: I dont believe that you saw a souch, they are extremely rare around here and it is still too cold for a souch to come out of hibernation.
by Swag Beard March 31, 2013
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| ˈsaʊtʃˈ |

To knock over, slap or strike something, usually in a rude or aggressive manner, that another person is about to grab.
Person 1 reaches for ketchup bottle.
Person 2 *Souches the ketchup bottle*, "Get your own damn ketchup!"
by HoneyTDSon November 07, 2013
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A term used to define being kicked in the sack. A mix between sack and ouch.
Shamus! I can't believe you just souched me! -or- Shamus, you're such a souch.
by marauding minx May 04, 2005
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Souch: n. Pain inflicted on the sack (see sack) by means of any number of relatively hard objects, i.e. flick, whack, kick, angry girlfriend, drunken buddy, or by a thrown missile, i.e. t.v. remote

v. to inflict pain on another's sack by means listed above.

Can also be used as an adjective or adverb. Very versatile.
"This hurts real bad", thought Tim after leaving himself open to an unsuspecting souch by a lurking friend at the bar; OR "I'm so going to souch you", thought Matt, observing his buddy leaning back, hitting on a cutie, and yet exposing his genitalia to attack.
by Metzenwahler May 08, 2005
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When one gets hit, punched, kicked, flicked, or otherwise has any type of physical harm done to ones anatomy. (male only)
Todd was souched by Marvin.
by Jeff May 05, 2005
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