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A sexy, dark and mysterious boy with unbelievably good looks. He has a secret, you know that. Some dark, deep secret that, if discovered, may open the world to a whole other dimension. His words are careful, and his thoughts even sharper. Easy to fall in love with due to his multiple personalities he can put on. A total smartass, but he can also be a sweetheart. He's a real good kisser, and even better in bed due to his experience (also part of his dark secret ;P). He can make your head spin with his theories, and can make your heart go nuts in and out of bed!! <3

One warning: Watch out for his glare. His eyes can burn through your soul.
Girl 1: "Omaigawd, is that Sorin?"
Girl 2: "Yeah, I think so. Hey, did you hear? He totally left a guy broken and bloody in the ally the other night!"
Girl 1: "Oh wow, I heard his martial arts skills are unmatched."
Girl 2: "Yeah. I wonder what he's like in bed..."
Girl 1: "Wanna find out?"
Girl 2: "Are you serious? You think he'll give it a try?"
Girl 1: -walks over to Sorin- "Hey, you busy later?"
Sorin: -looks up from book and rolls eyes- "Not interested." -goes back to book-
Girl 1: -gasp-
Girl 2: -giggles as girl 1 comes back over to her- "See? He's so mysterious. Ready to give up?"
Girl 1: "No freaking way! Did you see the way he looked at me? Total lust."
Girl 2: -sigh- "You're hopeless."
by Elemnu February 07, 2010
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best dorm on the University of Notre Dame's campus!
Person 1: I'm tara and I live in Howard
Person 2: HAHA You got the shaft, I live in Sorin
by Craig wiborg May 09, 2006
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a sexy, smart, funny, confident, athletic guy whom girls fall for
a sorin will most likely have haters
a sorin's swagger is unprecedented
girl 1: hey look at that guy with his shirt off omg that must be a sorin
hater: he's such a nerd nobody wants to see his 6 pack
girl 1: you're a hater now stfu and let me enjoy the view bitch
by definitionofreal August 23, 2008
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Oldest dorm at Notre Dame. Because of this, many of the rooms are nicknamed. The famous "Quint" room is in Sorin College, although contrary to its name seven boys live in this room. Other rooms include The Hole, The Drug Stop,The Box, The Otter Room, Downtown, and the other Turet Rooms. Sorin College is the Brother dorm of the second smallest girls dorm, Howard Hall. Sorin thinks they are the best dorm, but after sweet events that Howard organizes for the dorms, the boys realize that their greatness must be attributed to the women of Howard.
-Did you go to the Quint clearout in Sorin this weekend?
-Wasnt that the monochramatic party? That party was sweet!
by Howard Duck June 05, 2006
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