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A quiet girl that generally is extremely smart but doesn't make it very noticeable. But everyone knows who shes is because she the maddest girl out there and also the wildest and gets ridiculously drunk. You think shes a good girl but shes a complete badass and mite end up in jail for fingering a cop.
I found out she was a Sophes after last night's party.
by Crazy_Mankey_Body May 25, 2009
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A usualy, white bitch of a cat, who tends to lick oneself until it is bald in some spots, and pisses on your laundry.
Mom: Hey Timmy get your clothes.

(3 hours later)

Tim: Sophe Fucking Pissed on my clothes again.
by Safety Patrol Pete December 09, 2006
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Normally a swimmer and artist, she likes to express herself which makes her amazingly loveable.. normally very beautiful with longish brown hair and goreus brown eyes to match... she loves the water and horror films... her favorites are probably saW or Friday the 13th... She loves a good laugh and is very funny ... she will listen to you when your upset and she is brilliant with school... normally from a rich backround... her heart always sets on America...
Guy 1: Woah! Whos that chick!?

Guy 2: Thats Sophe!

Guy 1: Daym! I Gotta Get Her Number!
by OceanLovingBrunette September 11, 2011
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