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A company that's 10 times bigger than Microsoft but gets a free pass from the fanboy American public because they have Squaresoft games and don't railroad American companies. Overcharges for their electronics because of the name regardless of more reliable brands being out there for cheaper.
I listened to my Sony-licensed CD with my Sony-made Discman with Sony-made headphones while playing my Sony Playstation 2 with NFL Gameday 2004 made by Sony-owned 989. Then I played Sony-owned Everquest on my Sony-made Vaio laptop online while listening to Sony-licenced Joan of Arcadia on my Sony television.

Bill Gates could only dream of having that much power.
by Rakshasa December 27, 2003

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Someone who honestly believes using l33t makes them seem cool, cutting-edge, and for some reason a computer whiz. Makes up for their lack of competence at everything with excuses. Overestimates their own brainpower and takes the easy way out with everything and makes it look cool by using 3s for "E"s. Doesn't realize that 1337 makes you look like a dumbass and generally annoys anyone with an IQ over 15.
.oOo.0wnz0r.oOo.: 0m6z j00 ch33t
--CSUser--: That was your teammate, dumbass.
by Rakshasa January 01, 2004

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To be so erotically or romantically into an anime or game character that you lose any desire for a real human. Called a "paper fetish" because the closest you'll ever get to action with them is fondling a sheet of paper.
The otaku has a paper fetish, because he turned down a date to jack off to pictures of Rei online.
by Rakshasa May 07, 2004

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People who seem to think that all gaming begins and ends with Final Fantasy. Normally selects a character to "pair up with," normally Cloud, Sephiroth, Squall, Tidus, Tifa, Aeris, or any of the X/X-2 Spice Girls.

Possesses little-to-no talent in any other gaming genre, and will most likely make up the bullshit excuse of it being too difficult, boring, or just not their style. Despite all this they still consider themselves a gamer. Feels no remorse for wasting 30+ hours of their life watching what would be a 2-hour, 2-star movie.

Most likely has a paper fetish due to their inability to land their character, and if female, will try to find a way to make gay fan-fiction pairings between the two.

And finally, probably one of the cockmongers responsible for running the original definition down the drain.
Only a 4F can turn a gaming system into a glorified DVD player.
by Rakshasa May 07, 2004

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