Probably the coolest chick you will ever meet. Usually referred to as Sunshine. Likes to sit in dark rooms, burn incense, and listen to Enya. If you have a friend named Sonni, then you should consider yourself the luckiest girl or guy in the world. Don't ever let go of that one because life with Sonni never has a dull moment.

You may confuse her as a hippie, but don't be fooled ... she is just a free-spirited, all-around loving girl ... who happens to love tie-dye, doves, peace signs, dresses, leather sandals, and mellow music.
Person 1: Dude, I met this girl named Sonni the other day ...
Person 2: Dude, she's like my best friend ... Isn't she the coolest?
Person 3: Let's just put it this way ... There ain't no sunshine when she's away.
by sunshine_lover March 2, 2009
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sonni is a girl how will be your best est friend you'll ever . she has men lining up to date her. she will not take cred for be gorgeous.
boy1: hey sonni ur cute
sonni: no i'm ugly
by issy 1902 September 4, 2018
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Sonni is probably the most caring cutest person you will ever meet. Sonni's are also very sporty and taking pride init to.
person1: Omg sonni is so good at sports right
person2: Omg yaaa he is like sooo good
by ShollisBigMAn November 4, 2019
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Sonny’s are someone you don’t realize you need until you meet them, like really meet them. They are great listeners and they have a really good heart. They’re personality’s are what’s best though, they are super funny, have the best jokes and stupid funny stories, and can make you smile by just looking at them. They are amazing dancers and their passion and dedication for what they love is outstanding. Sonnys are so easy to talk to and be yourself with. They are super caring and extremely attractive. They will continue to surprise you each day and it makes it that much easier to fall for them, HARD.
Someone: “Hey have you talked to sonny ever”
Me: “You have no idea
by Dancer0407 July 1, 2019
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A couple from the NBC Daytime TV Show, Days of Our Lives. Will and Sonny are the most adorable couple you will ever see. And soon they will be looking after Will's baby and getting married.
I just saw Will and Sonny on Days of Our Lives, they're so cute
by willxsonny January 15, 2013
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Sonny is someone who is lefit (leng+fit=lefit)
Sonny is so lefit
by Sonnypev March 10, 2022
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Sonnie is the type of girl you will probably only ever meet once in your life. She has the purest most loving heart .She's really really goofy and super sweet. She's beautiful and her smile is everything. If she looks at you once then you will just replay it over and over. Sonnie is great at anything really and when she dances its the hottest thing ever.Sonnie is super mysterious, you will see her one day but the next day shes gone. She is super loyal to really anyone and she hopes the best for everyone.If she sees anyone in pain she'll want to take it away.People take advantage of her because of her kindness. Sonnie is overall just an AMAZING PERSON. If your ever lucky enough to come across her don't let her go.
guy: so have you got in Sonnie's pants
guy2: nah man with sonnie its completely different, you dont get it,shes perfect
by ForMyLove September 17, 2018
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