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The cutest guy you will ever meet. This guy has the cutest smile and will treat any girl with respect. He is funny but shy at times and needs a little space and time to think things through.
Oh my god!!! Sonnie just asked me out, he is so cute.
by Sophie_Slayyyyz December 12, 2016
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sonnie is a one of like a 100 different slangs for crack,and heroin used in philly
we on a jammie in a johnny keep blammin on da tommy fiends scramble for the sonnie load up handguns in the bonnie

this means we on jammin mission to rob somebody in a stolen car u keep shootin da gun and fiends scramble for da crack and u load up ya handguns in a bonneville(pontiac)

if u neva heard those slangs its becuz we only say em in philly
by brick a raw April 22, 2006
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