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Sonnie is the type of girl you will probably only ever meet once in your life. She has the purest most loving heart .She's really really goofy and super sweet. She's beautiful and her smile is everything. If she looks at you once then you will just replay it over and over. Sonnie is great at anything really and when she dances its the hottest thing ever.Sonnie is super mysterious, you will see her one day but the next day shes gone. She is super loyal to really anyone and she hopes the best for everyone.If she sees anyone in pain she'll want to take it away.People take advantage of her because of her kindness. Sonnie is overall just an AMAZING PERSON. If your ever lucky enough to come across her don't let her go.
guy: so have you got in Sonnie's pants
guy2: nah man with sonnie its completely different, you dont get it,shes perfect
by ForMyLove September 16, 2018
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The cutest guy you will ever meet. This guy has the cutest smile and will treat any girl with respect. He is funny but shy at times and needs a little space and time to think things through.
Oh my god!!! Sonnie just asked me out, he is so cute.
by Sophie_Slayyyyz December 12, 2016
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sonnie is a one of like a 100 different slangs for crack,and heroin used in philly
we on a jammie in a johnny keep blammin on da tommy fiends scramble for the sonnie load up handguns in the bonnie

this means we on jammin mission to rob somebody in a stolen car u keep shootin da gun and fiends scramble for da crack and u load up ya handguns in a bonneville(pontiac)

if u neva heard those slangs its becuz we only say em in philly
by brick a raw April 22, 2006
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Sonnie is a person who is very likable. From being funny, kind, weird, and um hot. She's also know for being very short and tiny. Sometimes she's psycho and sometimes just chill. She's not afraid to embarrass herself. She's very nice to everyone but if someone gets on her nerves then she will tell them. She's not scared to speak her opinions straight up. So its best to stay on her good side.
by wig has been snatched August 23, 2018
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Man of many favors. Lost his shoulder in tragic file box accident in early 2017. Can be seen at the Margate Bridge Co. chewing plasitc, smoking special blend 1000’s or in an awkward β€œreally” pose.
Dave Sonnie has no shoulder and asked me to do him a favor.
by Super Pesk October 12, 2018
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