A phrase used to express how bad someone or something is.
You missed 5 lay ups, man you some butt!

I hate this car yo, it's some butt!
by Ya Ya Ya October 20, 2006
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to be in the state of wanting a butt. usually used when you are trippin' balls on thizz.
"oh fuck dude, im trippin balls, i want some butt."
"dude this weekend we're gonna get some butt."
by Jeff Royer, Christian Fry March 1, 2008
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a term first used in the mobile game kitty letter, it is a term used to describe doing a job with the wrong tools.
a: "yo i drilled a hole in my wall, but i didn't have a drill. i used a spoon."
b: "you be chummin' some butt prawns."
by March 31, 2021
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A way of saying 'give me a piece of ass'
Inmate1: Whatchu want, fool?

Inmate2: Give me some butt, nigga!
by Solja May 8, 2006
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When a man performs anal sex on a woman.
"I'm gonna carve up some butt steak tonight."
by Rickyy August 25, 2007
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