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a salute to all your brethren. origin: london
a: wastmannnnn
b: brapp you knowwwwww
by Caitlin Jane Byrne January 04, 2008
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South African/Afrikaans slang for sexual intercourse, to brapp is to bang/screw someone. Same as 'trapp' or 'guapp' which mean the same thing.
Do you want to get brapped or something?

I'm going to brapp her tonight.
by brappzilla March 29, 2019
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To twist the throttle on a 2-stroke machine (dirtbike, snowmobile, etc) suddenly, so that the engine exhaust note resembles the phonetic sounds "braaaaaaapp." The vibrato in the "a" sounds mimicks the mild oscillation in engine rpm from movement resistance.
The dude doved into the corner on the brakes, cranked it around, and brapped it out of the rut. He sprayed all the fans behind the fence with several pounds of roost.
by Zane J October 26, 2006
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