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Someone extremely amazing. A girl who any one would be lucky to have and everyone desires for. Has every single quality in her. She is extremely trustworthy, loyal, sincere, helpful and everything. Defines perfection for the world. Is really cute and gorgeous. World needs iman's. Perfect best friends and who are always there for you
I have an Iman, and I am the luckiest guy On the planet <3
by Pagal June 14, 2014
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A very pleasant girl, ignores the haters and Carries on with her life. Doesn't want or need a boyfriend at her age. Let's go of pathetic people. Loves her family. You All need a Iman. So I suggest go find one.
Iman- faith
by Faith, ligh December 28, 2015
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Faith, Trust in God, Believe.

Farsi name. (Arabic root)
Iman is usually frist name.
by Iman April 08, 2005
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Iman is a very sexy and beautiful girl who is usually mistaken for a Goddess. She has the looks of a model and cannot be anymore perfect.

A super hot amazing girl every guy wants. She is incredibly sexy!!!! She loves texting and food but is very sexy. Any guy would be very lucky to have a Iman, not only because they are pleasing to the eyes.
Boy: I'm going out with a Iman
Boy 2: You are the luckiest man on Earth!
by Emilia15267 January 25, 2013
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A beautiful

uusually has a BiG ass
always has a boyfriend
boys are all over her
but when she's in a relationship she stays loyal and faithful
doesn't take shit from anyone
she will tell you straight up what is going down
Everyone needs an Iman in their life!
Boy: Can i have your number?
Iman: No i have a boyfriend?
Boy: FUCK!
by loho12 January 07, 2012
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