Iman means "faith".it means "believe" sombody or somthing and be sure that somthing is true or that someone is telling the truth.muslims usually use this word about their believe in god"Allah".
"Iman" is also boy's name in Iran.
All "iman"s are very kind,sociable and goodhearted.the meaning of this word (iman)showes exactly the personality of boys who have this name and you can trust in him.he is very emotional and you should be very careful about him :)
_what is your name?!
_my name is "iman"
by M17i.1997 August 16, 2018
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A very pleasant girl, ignores the haters and Carries on with her life. Doesn't want or need a boyfriend at her age. Let's go of pathetic people. Loves her family. You All need a Iman. So I suggest go find one.
Iman- faith
by Faith, ligh October 29, 2015
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Mostly used in religion matters that bring meaning of faith. Iman is one of the unisex names. Iman is someone who always stay low key. People will mostly underestimate him until he show his real potential. When u have iman, it feels like u have already meet the right person in your life. Go and find iman!
Iman is handsome! He is a wow!!
by Posaidonbron December 28, 2018
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Someone extremely amazing. A girl who any one would be lucky to have and everyone desires for. Has every single quality in her. She is extremely trustworthy, loyal, sincere, helpful and everything. Defines perfection for the world. Is really cute and gorgeous. World needs iman's. Perfect best friends and who are always there for you
I have an Iman, and I am the luckiest guy On the planet <3
by Pagal June 14, 2014
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Iman means amazing, talented in every way, able to succeed, will go far in life, loves and cares for that one special person, very good at everything she sets her mind to. Iman is a man-eater but only has one special guy. Iman is a very loving and caring person. she always knows how to make you feel better. Iman can put a smile on your face at any given time. Iman is the sweetest person you will ever meet! Iman is always attractive! She is so cute and most likely has the most adorable laugh! She always knows the right thing to say and can make you feel better with the corniest lines. She treats men right and respects them. Iman is also quite a funny person, she can make you laugh no matter what. Iman means awesome beyond all measure. If you ever get Iman don't ever let her go. It will be the biggest mistake you will ever make so don't do it. Love and cherish Iman because she will do the same
Iman: Ur so nice!! Here's some chocolate!
by Dodleeee July 5, 2019
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Faith, Trust in God, Believe.

Farsi name. (Arabic root)
Iman is usually frist name.
by Iman April 9, 2005
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1.absolutely perfect; no way to perfect
2.Nice; Funny; extrememly beautiful
A butterfly that is perfect is iman.
by The1Sheriff October 25, 2007
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