A great friend

Sb who will always support you, have your back and be your cheerleader

A true friend indeed
Everyone deserves a solly in his life
by Un-believe-able Begad May 31, 2020
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supposedly originated somewhere in Ireland in ancient times when a young bearded man drank a pint of beer and it gave him the speed and strength to kill and man and woe any women.
also it was said that Solly had uncanny speed, was a world class beer drinker, and had a gift interrupting the path of objects in flight.
Steven: did u see that
Frank: naw man im smashed i cant see anything wat happend?
Steven: I think that kid just blocked that kick
Frank: ah thats just Solly

Steven: o thats Solly, I heard he is going to osu on a full ride scholarship for special teams
Frank: i wouldnt doubt it with that kinda of blocking power he should be payed to block kicks
by imurgoodfriendsteven June 27, 2010
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Hey, have you seen Solly anywhere?
Do you mean that Baht, oh yea, he did not come today
by Zacs1011 November 7, 2019
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Man 1: "Hey did you see that guy"

Man 2: "Yeah he's such a solly"
by MINIGAIMI November 15, 2017
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Ugly- Only gets boners for boys- he is a fag.
Yo! I feel like a Solly. Im Gay
by Modafaca January 30, 2019
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A solly is a form of lie or untrue excuse, particularly motivated by deterring one from anothers whereabouts or social plans.
James asked Luke to go out for a few beers, luke replied “ I can’t dude I’ve got to help my old man with a few things”. Luke never had to help any one with anything, therefore he told a “solly” to lure James away from the idea of going for beerswith him.

Luke asked frank if he could stay at his place for a few nights while he visited his town, frank replied, no sorry I have big rick staying at my place and there is no room. Frank never had anybody staying at his house, he just told Luke a “solly”.
by Sir plucka April 9, 2018
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Is a constant drunk.
To "sollis" is to completely ruin something.
That was a total sollis
by dreamergirl32 October 25, 2008
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